How do we authenticate girls at the level of agencies?

Answer: Even girls that we search for manually are affiliated with famous escorts in Chennai. Once we have a long-term relationship with escorts, please introduce them to our escort list. We check girls for their age and nationality with their original documents.

Are our escorts girls affordable?

Answer:Yes, tariffs have been included from the lowest amount per hour. The actual cost of a meeting like call-up arrangements as well as hotel reservations for outcall arrangements is decided in our hierarchical services.

Will I get escorts ' VIP favor?

Answer: Absolutely Yes. Girls geared towards customers are always happy to force our customers. Our USP is fully dedicated to all our VIP customers for unprecedented pleasure.

How long does an escort need to meet you?

Answer: Personally, when you ask a girl to reach your destination, we still work to shorten the time you wait. Road traffic often gets a very busy and slow drive in Chennai's urbanareas. It is only here that we can not be sure of, but in 30-45 minutes from the time you requested, we aim to produce our plan.

What about the additional hours?

Answer: We understand how you feel when more time is asked to pay you. Although this is a key factor, we still don't make money for less time. While, once you order a second session, we will not ask for additional amounts.

May I take escorts to Chennai to travel?

Answer: Yeah, that's it. But only for our checked customers, this service is available. We need to mark all the details you need to arrange a travel escort with you. You can also proceed for further trips until we arrange your trip with her.